Lisa Trocchia, PhD
Sustainable Food Systems Educator / Network Weaver & Activator

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Dr. Lisa Trocchia is an Associate Faculty member in the graduate program in Sustainable Food Systems at Prescott College. She is also a network weaver offering expertise in network organizational design, shared governance, and communication. Lisa holds an interdisciplinary PhD focused on the social ecology of food from the perspectives of Communication Studies, Sociology, Political Theory, Economic Anthropology, and the study of social networks and complex adaptive systems. 
Lisa is a sensory ethnographer; she researches and writes about the performance of cultural foodways, food spaces and the modulation of affect, and she examines the social ecology of community-based food systems as sites of participatory socialism and transformative change. 

Lisa is the podcast host for The Capstone and co-host of the weekly pop-up webinar Food Systems Friday. She and her husband, divide time between Appalachian Southeastern Ohio and a small mountain village on the island of Crete.

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