Lisa Trocchia, PhD
Sustainable Food Systems Educator / Network Facilitator & Consultant

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Dr. Lisa Trocchia is an Associate Faculty member in the graduate program in Sustainable Food Systems at Prescott College. She is also a network facilitator and consultant offering expertise in self-organizing, horizontal leadership, network organizational design, and visual storytelling. Lisa holds an interdisciplinary PhD in the Social Ecology of Food. She explores food-based social ecosystems from multiple perspectives, including Communication Studies, Sociology, Political Theory, and the study of networks and complex adaptive systems. 
Lisa is a sensory ethnographer. She researches and writes about the performance of cultural foodways, food and the transmission of affect, and she examines the social ecologies of community-based food systems as sites of participatory and transformative change. 

Lisa is the podcast host for The Capstone and occasional co-host of the weekly pop-up webinar Food Systems Friday. 

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